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We have been asked recently about required training classes for Fire Police. 
The only "required" training is Hazardous Materials Awareness, Nims 700, 100, and 200. 
Other required training is a local option.

Training Classes Links to Information Links for Online Training
State Fire Academy
Berks County Fire Training
Butler County Community College Fire
Centre County Public Safety Training Center
Delaware County Emerg. Serv. Training Center
Franklin County Fire Training
Harrisburg Area Community College
Indiana County Fire Training
Lancaster County Public Safety Training
Schuylkill County Training Academy
York County Fire School

Want to see what classes are available? Sign on to ACADIS here!

Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices
PA Dot Publication 212
PA Dot Publication 213
Emergency Response Guidebook 2020
Link to NIOSH inv. of Donald Mellott
NFPA report of Line of Duty Deaths for SFPOs
NFPA Newsletter
Wires Down, Pole Down Training
Lexipol Webanars and Training


HAZMAT Awareness
NIMS Training
Responder Safety Learning Network
Fire Hero Learning Network - After Action Review
Situational Awareness Matters

At the request of the Associaton President this course has been removed
Certificates will not be available!